Movies And Maps


Two basic requirements

  • A movie format which is supported and playable by macOS (MP4/MOV)
  • GPS log files in the NMEA or GPX format, or movies with embedded ISO6709 metadata
NMEA is a simple ASCII based comma separated (CSV) file format, which is used to log GPS and other relevant data to file. GPX is a widely-used file format used to store and share GPS data. NMEA or GPX data is used by Movies And Maps to plot the route and the current position on the map. Additional information such as time and date, altitude, speed and when available accelerometer data is also shown on the map.

Embedded GPS metadata is hidden inside the movie file as a separate track. The metadata should follow the ISO6709 format or a NMEA format as used by the iOS App Movies And Maps Recorder.

What if my GPS log is not according to the NMEA or GPX format?

There are many different GPS log formats, a tool called GPS Babel is able to batch convert most GPS formats to NMEA or GPX. See for more information. In case your GPS log is already in the NMEA format but it does not show your route in Movies And Maps, you can define your own import filter under the App's Preferences. See section NMEA Filter for details.

What if my movie format is not supported by OSX?

You will need to convert the movie to MP4. There are multiple solutions available, a tool called Handbrake is able to batch convert from nearly any format to MP4. See for more information.

Movies And Maps

Movies And Maps is available as a trusted download from the Apple App Store. It is free from ads and in-app purchases.