Movies and Maps Recorder

Records video continuously and embeds GPS location
metadata in a user selectable format following
ISO6709 or NMEA standards

  • Movie
  • Map
  • Position
  • Road

Quick Start

Download the App and mount your iPhone/Cellular iPad on your dashboard or windscreen.

Start recording

Tap the red record button to start/stop recording. You can view time, altitude, speed, GPS location and heading in real-time.

The Result

Movies are saved in your Photos library in the DashCam album. They look like any ordinary movie, but contain a metadata track with GPS information.

Visualize the data

To map the recorded GPS data you need the macOS App "Movies And Maps" or any other App which supports ISO6709 location metadata. This screenshot shows the NMEA embedded metadata in Movies And Maps (time, GPS, speed, altitude, accelerometer).

For more info follow this link: Movies And Maps

What's different?

Movies And Maps Recorder embeds GPS location metadata inside the movie
A super simple App ... only one button (start/stop recording)
A truly free app, no signup, no ads, no in-app purchases!

  • Movie

    Beats most real DashCams hands down on video/audio quality. Ability to record in the highest resolution of your device. Continuous recording in 3 minute movie lengths.

  • GPS

    Excellent GPS receiver, outperforms most real DashCams. Logs time, GPS coordinates, speed, altitude and accelerometer data (in the NMEA log format).

  • Non-stop recording

    Continuous recording, no risk of accidental loss! No need to press a button to saveguard your last recording, all recordings are kept until you manually delete them.

  • Safe

    Recordings are protected with your iPhone/iPad passcode or touch id. Unlike most real DashCams where your movies are accessible for everyone.

  • Photos

    Saves movies directly to Photos in a dedicated album named DashCam, which allows the possibility for iCloud sync (unlimited storage)

  • Easy Updates

    Automatic Updates, no need to "flash" firmware and risk 'bricking' (something which would render a real DashCam useless).

  • Battery

    Superb battery capacity, exceeds most real DashCams. Continue recording while your engine is turned off.

  • An iOS App

    Movies And Maps Recorder has been developed uniquely for iOS. This dedicated approach ensures an optimum, seamless integration and unified software experience.

Movies And Maps Recorder

Movies And Maps Recorder is available as a trusted download from the Apple App Store. It is free from ads and in-app purchases.