Movies And Maps


User Preferences

Movies And Maps is fully customisable, under the App's preferences you can determine the way the player, map and import filter should behave.

Movie player preferences

The movie player can be configured to:

  • Autoplay a movie - immediate playback after import or selection
  • Continuous play - loop through the playlist (endless loop)
  • Show/Hide the playlist at startup
You can drop movies and GPS log files on the playlist, they will be imported and automatically sorted. You can manually override the sorting by clicking on the date column or by swiping to the right. Swipe to the left to remove the movie and GPS file from the playlist.

The map preferences

The map can be configured to:

  • Show/Hide the date & time (top right)
  • Show/Hide the altitude (top left)
  • Show/Hide the speed (bottom left)
  • Show/Hide the XYZ accelerometer (bottom middle)
  • Show a speed warning (red speed sign)
  • Show a pin at the highest speed (red) and accelerometer event (orange)
  • Convert UTC time to local time
The NMEA format usually logs time in the UTC format (universal time).

Movies And Maps

Movies And Maps is available as a trusted download from the Apple App Store. It is free from ads and in-app purchases.