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Movies And Maps

Movies And Maps plays your dashcam movie and plots the
route and position from a NMEA or GPX file on a map.

The position is continuously updated while the movie is playing.

  • Movie
  • Map
  • Position
  • Snapshot

Quick Start

Drop your movies & NMEA or GPX based GPS log files on the playlist at the bottom of the Movies And Maps window. Movies with ISO6709 embedded GPS metadata tracks are also supported as well as movies recorded with the iOS DashCam App Movies And Maps Recorder (DashCam).

Take a snapshot

Take a full resolution snapshot of the movie and crop, rotate, sharpen and enhance the image before saving. Touch Bar support for quick and easy editing.

Trim and Export

Trim the movie and export the GPS log and movie in the same or in a lower resolution. Movies with embedded GPS metadata will automatically extract the corresponding GPS log in a separate file.

... and that's not all

Movies And Maps is packed with features to allow you to quickly browse
through movies with GPS data and find the scene of interest.

  • Fast forward & Reverse

    Play movies up to x60 times the normal speed, or scrub (swipe the movie) forward or backward.

  • Skip

    Easily skip through movies with a single tap or use the arrow keys.

  • Real-time

    Show date & time, speed, altitude and accelerometer data as it was captured in real-time during the movie.

  • Manage

    Supports drag & drop and swipe gestures to delete and sort playlist entries with ease. Supports Touch Bar for a quick & easy workflow.

  • Auto

    Continuous play (endless loop through the playlist) and auto play for instant playback.

  • Multi-functional

    Movies And Maps can be used to plot only GPS/GPX routes or merely as a queued movie player.

  • ISO6709 Metadata

    Supports movies with embedded GPS location metadata tracks. Use the iOS App Movies And Maps Recorder for full NMEA metadata recording.

  • Warnings

    A real-time speedwarning is shown when the user configured speedlimit has been reached. Automatically pinpoints the highest speed and highest accelerometer reading on the route.

  • Universal

    Use existing import filters such as the AMOD, DDPAI, Mini 0803, Mini 0805, Mini 0806, Mini 0903 (Nano Q), TripMate or configure your own NMEA import filter. ISO6709 embedded metadata is also supported.

  • A macOS App

    Movies And Maps has been developed uniquely for macOS. This dedicated approach ensures an optimum, seamless integration and unified software experience.

Movies And Maps

Movies And Maps is available as a trusted download from the Apple App Store. It is free from ads and in-app purchases.